Commencing transfer of 96k files. Update EL vox, cello solo, snare comp?





july twenty-eight

True enough?? Another jumbotron lost to the bureaucratic automatrons on the animatronic neurotrons of yesteryears gone.

july twenty

Castries' DJ TBS [to be sampled].

Island beans are effective.


Riff won't write itself.































may sixteen

found a kitten in the box last night. I was jealous. good call w/the cirrus nanofiber. ALSO: REAL thru that jmeeq got groovy af. STOP  










may fourteen

awaiting lamp shade for the hits, courtesy of The Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe (Max), otherwise all systems go! [REDACTED] in the latest mix, sits better overall and lets the cello speak.

may eight

Whereby the martyr, in conclusion

Oh so weary stands upon

His soapbox of delusion

Shouting to the dawn

may five


FROM: [REDACTED]@gmail.com



Gotta pick up those shirts ASAP.

Also still no word from KitchenAide so I'm thinking we go w/ your utensil idea instead, didn't play as well in the SW markets but considerably lower overhead plus that wifi enabled retractable kinfe-spork is still on the table if they can get that rubber supplier for the hilt. Hello citadel in the Hamptons, amirite? 


may four

EL tracks came out pretty good, cheerios box did not make the cut sadly. Trig functions on the new box, self-generative mutating glitch perc comes ALIVE for better and worse. May trade DM12 for Juno w/r/t bass duties not cutting it. Really surreal moog solo. Time will tell.


Kitchenware sponsorship still forthcoming - KitchenAide folks are dragging their [REDACTED] but definitely liking the 10pc Calphalon knockoff, hard-anodized if they can do that in Indonesia or wherever. You can drop that stuff into volcanoes no joke.

may three

Legacy Hall tonight! Wes is back after successful [REDACTED] but is soon off to some Peruvian incursion I'm sure. Is [REDACTED]?

april twenty

WHO TF is Puff Daceo?? I don't know no Puff. The Magic Dragon?

april thirteen

Almost B's Bday. Agonizing over [REDACTED] mixes because let's face it I am never satisfied. Asses were played straight clean off though and it shows and is what counts. Right? Right?