Gotta pick up those shirts ASAP.

Also still no word from KitchenAide so I'm thinking we go w/ your utensil idea instead, didn't play as well in the SW markets but considerably lower overhead plus that wifi enabled retractable kinfe-spork is still on the table if they can get that rubber supplier for the hilt. Hello citadel in the Hamptons, amirite? 

EL tracks came out pretty good. Cereal box did not make the cut sadly but other explosives to be captured.

Trig functions on the new box, self-generative mutating glitch perc comes ALIVE for better and worse.

May trade DM12 for Juno w/r/t bass duties not cutting it. Really surreal moog solo. Time will tell.

Kitchenware sponsorship still forthcoming - KitchenAide folks are dragging their [redacted] but definitely liking the 10pc Calphalon knockoff, hard-anodized if they can do that in Indonesia or wherever. You can drop that stuff into volcanoes no joke.

Legacy Hall tonight - Wes is back after successful [redacted] but I'm sure will soon be galavanting off to some Peruvian incursion. Is [redacted]?

WHO TF is Puff Daceo? I don't know no Puff. 

Magic Dragon?

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