RE: stuff for the studio

Hey Max, this is me reminding you to not forget to bring the following:



3 lb. sliced turkey

Beach ball (just in case)

2 or 3 bottles of Pinot Noir (also just in case)

Duct tape (haha...)

Manuscript paper

Crowbar (again, just in case)

Infinite Jest (1st ed)

55" plasma flatscreen (obvs!)

7k in non-sequential $20s (for the helicopter dudes)

8 ft lava lamp (for Bri)

Spearmint Gum (Trusko's request)


Wool socks (remember last time?? lololol)

The Boondocks (complete 1st season)

Phaser (Ibanez, set to STUN)

Those turquoise pills (you know the ones)

Extra midi cable (for cc messages AND strangling!)

DEFINITELY those Peruvian shot glasses

6 watermelons (or 7, maybe, to play it safe)



Also, I spoke to the Apache people and they should be airlifting Wes back in the AM. They mentioned something about a precision strike -- overkill much? It's going down at 0700, guess we'll hear from them via sat-phone as soon as they pick up our guy. Did we confirm Echolab's helipad availability? Oh and also, bring those maracas you used on Doing it Wrong. You're the chief, now.  Peace and Out!

El Nige